Mar 31, 2013

Local News – BT Outage in Hartland 01237

Heres the BT report for the error on ~Hartland 01237

Fault Reference: BT15660

Start: 29/03/2013 18:15 Cleared: 31/03/2013 02:47
Raised: 29/03/2013 18:15 Cleared Reason: Passed anticipated clear date.
Detected: 29/03/2013 18:20 Exchange Name: CROWCOMBE
Incident Details: At the moment some of your Broadband End Users may be experiencing a loss of Broadband service.
Area Codes: 01237 01460 01598 01769 01805 01823 01823 01935 01935 01963 01963 01984 01984 LLWW0





30/03/2013 17:38 12 Replacement hardware is being configured by the MSH support team in Manchester and a courier has been dispatched to Manchester to collect and transport the hardware to Taunton. The estimated time of arrival at Taunton by the courier is approximately midnight. Next update will be at 21:00
30/03/2013 15:58 11 The vendors engineer is now on site. This fault is proving difficult to localise. All teams are investigating various options to restore service to Customers. Next update will be at 17:15
30/03/2013 13:22 10 An engineer is on site at Taunton investigating further. The vendors engineer is en route to Taunton his ETA 14:00. Next update will be at 16:00 or sooner if significant progress made.
30/03/2013 11:10 9 The Technical bridge is ongoing. All teams required have been engaged. We have engineers en route to both Bristol and Taunton. ETA to be advised. Vendors engineer has been requested to Taunton his ETA to be advised. Next update will be at 13:00 or sooner if significant progress made.
30/03/2013 09:03 8 The IP addresses are showing as connected and testing OK. Technical support are now correlating the MV subnets that are affected. Once we have the information required co-op between all teams will be reconvened on a bridge. Next update will be at 11:00 or sooner if significant progress made.
30/03/2013 05:48 7 Technical services and vendor are working together with the networks team investigating the failure. Estimated time of restoration not yet known. Next update will be at 09:00
30/03/2013 01:44 6 Fault is now suspected to be a comms issue on the Data Communication Network (DCN). Bridge case raised. Next update will be at 06:00 or sooner if significant progress made.
29/03/2013 23:52 5 Vendor support are still loading the data onto another equipment. Once complete faulting can commence. Next update will be at 01:45 or sooner if significant progress made.
29/03/2013 21:52 4 Technical Support engineers are now investigating this failure.
29/03/2013 20:16 3 Fault investigations are ongoing
29/03/2013 19:11 2 Loss of internet services for 5549 Broadband end users. Caused by an MSH Transmission failure between Taunton and Exeter. IMT15663/13 refers. Engineers are being tasked to both locations, ETA not known at this stage. MSH transmission support have been engaged and are investigating. Root cause and estimated time of repair is not known at present.
29/03/2013 18:20 1 Completing initial diagnostics. Next update will be at 19:30