The Infrastructure and Experience that make On-Demand Software, Truly On-Demand

On-demand software has the power to make your customers' lives easier.

But that power is just unrealised potential if the infrastructure behind it isn't as great as the software itself. Your services can only be as reliable as the infrastructure and people supporting them. If your hosting infrastructure is down or running slow, your customers won't be the only ones feeling the pain. Your reputation will feel it too. Your customers don't care if it's the infrastructure or the software causing the problem. They're not getting the software they rely on that you're supposed to be delivering. Here are just some of the benefits of Pl@tinumĀ® Hosting for SaaS:

  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime for online applications & websites*
  • Scalability to grow with your business
  • Reduced risk with 24/7/365 maintenance and dedicated support team
  • Focus your IT Resources on your core business

From the ground up, Pl@tinum is built to deliver your on-demand software whenever your customers need it. More than 1,500 SaaS providers trust in our infrastructure, services, expertise and Fanatical Support to deliver their software to their customers every second of every day. They depend on us to quickly and seamlessly deploy and scale for their growing customer base. You can depend on Pl@tinum dedicated Support Teams to deploy, monitor, optimise and manage your servers, devices and network to make your software shine.

You develop the best software. We'll give you the best infrastructure to deliver it.